Kinship Center’s Leadership Board represents community leaders from counties throughout California who generate community support and partnerships for Kinship Center. As a member of Seneca Family of Agencies, Kinship Center is represented by the Seneca Board of Directors, who serve a governance function for the organization.  (** Leadership Board members who also serve on the Board of Directors)


Kinship Center Leadership Board    
Tracey Chappell Chair Monterey County
Gordon MacLean Co- Chair Orange County
Sharyn Buffa Co-Chair Orange County
Linda Dorris Member Monterey County
Richard Murnighan, MBA Member Monterey County
Christine Bock Member Orange County
John D’Arrigo Member Monterey County
Jeff Davi** Member Monterey County
Patrick Dirk Member Orange County
Albin Gess Member Orange County
Sam Hamontree Member Orange County
Harald Herrmann Member Orange County
Erin Lastinger Member Orange County
Geoffrey LePlastrier** Member Orange County
Jeff Lerch Member Orange County
Doug Levin Member Orange County
Hon. Kris Murray Member Orange County
Carl Neisser Member Orange County
J.P. Puette Member San Benito County
William Pugh Member Orange County
Justin Reyes Member Monterey County
Jim Riley Member Orange County
Julie Schisler Member Orange County
Marice White Member Orange County
Harry Winters Member Orange County
Carol Biddle Executive Director  
Seneca Family of Agencies Board of Directors    
Neil Gilbert, Chairman    
Ken Berrick, President    
Crosby Allison, Vice President     
Andrew Kahn, Treasurer       
Dion Aroner, Secretary      
Jeff Davi    
Harald Herrmann    
Geoff LePlastrier    
Steve Riter    
Alan Ross    
Greg Terk    




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